Man dies in accident on Pic Paradis road

MARIGOT—A man lost his life in a car accident on the Pic Paradis road in the early hours of Tuesday morning, the Gendarmerie confirmed.

Commandant Sebastien Manzoni said the accident occurred sometime between 3:00 and 4:00 in the morning but Gendarmes were not called to the scene until 6:00am, the time the accident was discovered by passers-by or other motorists.

According to Manzoni, a man aged around 50 years old, resident on the French side, was alone in a Wrangler Jeep when he lost control of his vehicle on the lower flanks of the Pic Paradis road going in the up direction.

The jeep was destroyed and the lifeless body of the driver found close to it.

“We believe high speed was a factor in the accident in addition to no lights in that area at the time of the accident. We also have to determine if the driver was under the influence of alcohol or drugs,” Manzoni added. “It is unusual to have an accident going uphill but he may have collided with an electricity pole.”

An investigation into the accident is under way. Manzoni dismissed any connection between road works undertaken by the Collectivit and the accident. He noted any road works were located higher up on the road, above the scene of the accident.

Source: Daily Herald
Man dies in accident on Pic Paradis road


  1. I am him neighbor and the way I see it is that the road was covered with soap and water needed to clean the road and to thin the first bitumen layer, as it was done a night the water did not evaporate, as it would in the daytime, and simply went down the hill and collected basically where he went off. Also there was a second accident a few hours earlier where the trucks turn around. Hope this does not get buried and that the Gendarme investigate thoroughly but based on my experience no chance.