Man gets 12 years for rape, assault and theft

PHILIPSBURG–Rolandito Richardson (30) was convicted and sentenced to twelve years behind bars for raping, robbing, assaulting and extorting several women ages19 to 67 years between February 27 and April 27 this year. He also was ordered to pay damages to his victims.

One woman Richardson raped and robbed after should receive NAf. 15,000 and another woman he raped and assaulted is set to receive NAf. 10,000.

“You are a danger to society and therefore you should be placed behind bars,” stated the judge in his sentencing.

Richardson denied any involvement in the crimes during the preliminary investigations in this case. He claimed during his previous hearing that he had had sexual intercourse with the 19-year-old victim during Jouvert Morning, April 27, but claimed it was consensual.

The crimes took place in the early morning hours in the vicinity of Front and Back Streets in Philipsburg, and in one case in Belair. Several victims were robbed of pieces of jewellery and small amounts of money and mistreated by Richardson. The violence ranged from punching in the face to the pulling hair, strangulation, kicking and threatening with a knife.

Richardson indicated that he did not agree with the sentence and requested to appeal his sentence.

Source: The Daily Herald