Man in critical condition after being attacked with machete | THE DAILY HERALD


PHILIPSBURG–Detectives are investigating a case involving a man who was seriously ill-treated with a machete in the district of St. Peters in the area of Boasman Bar at 6:00pm Tuesday, June 5.

According to police, the Emergency Dispatch was informed by a driver who said she was on her way to St. Maarten Medical Center with a man who was bleeding profusely from wounds to his body and most probably had been involved in an altercation which led to him being seriously wounded.

“Immediately several police patrols and detectives were sent to the scene to investigate what had taken place. On the scene the investigating officers encountered traces of blood and items most probably connected to this investigation. The crime scene was immediately cordoned off by police. Detectives were on the scene speaking to potential witnesses and the Forensic investigators collected evidence.


“At the Medical Center, the man identified with initials E.D. (47) was undergoing treatment for the very serious wounds he sustained and was not in condition to give any statement at the time. The victim was immediately operated on and he remains in very critical condition. The driver who had taken the victim to the hospital had already left.

“The investigating officers are also asking the female driver who drove the victim to the hospital to get in contact with the police department immediately. Who the suspect or suspects responsible for this ill-treatment are in this case is still unknown,” according to police on Wednesday.

Investigators request that anyone who may have information regarding this case get in contact with the Detective Department by calling 542-2222 ext. 213-214 or the emergency number 911. Their cooperation is definitely needed to help solve this case, the investigators said.

Source: The Daily Herald