Man injured in car accident in Ebenezer | THE DAILY HERALD

The scene of the car accident on Thursday evening.


EBENEZER–A freak car accident at the junction of A. Richardson Road and R.S. Nicholson Road in Ebenezer shortly after 7:00pm Thursday left one man injured as his car fell in a drainage ditch.

  According to information gathered at the scene, the driver of a brown Hyundai Tucson apparently hit into a guard rail and a parked green Suzuki Swift, which resulted in his vehicle falling into a drainage ditch. It is yet unclear exactly how the accident unfolded.

  The driver was removed from his vehicle by personnel of the St. Maarten Fire Department.

  Personnel of the Ambulance Department treated the man at the scene, and he was later taken to St. Maarten Medical Center (SMMC). He was reportedly complaining of back injuries. However, this has yet to be confirmed. The extent of his injuries is currently unknown.  




Firefighters removing the injured driver out of his vehicle.



Source: The Daily Herald