Man loses control and crashes car in bushes

MADAME ESTATE–Firefighters had to respond to an urgent call from police on Sunday afternoon that a man was trapped in his vehicle on the downhill side of Arch Road. On their arrival, Ambulance personnel were already treating a young boy who was in the vehicle accident with his father.

Reports indicate that the man was travelling with his young son on Arch Road when an oncoming trailer-truck caused the man to lose control and end up driving off the downhill side of the street. Other drivers saw the accident and immediately tried to assist the two by sliding down a rope to get them out of the vehicle.

The boy was able to jump into the hands of the persons who tried to assist, but the man was stuck in the vehicle. Firemen arrived moments afterward and managed to get him to safety. The boy complained of pain in his legs while the man said his upper body was hurting.

The two were transported to St. Maarten Medical Center for further treatment. No other vehicles were damaged during the accident.

Police said they are investigating the incident and an official statement about the accident will be released at a later stage.

Source: The Daily Herald