Man sentenced for domestic violence | THE DAILY HERALD

PHILIPSBURG–The Court of First Instance, on Wednesday, sentenced a 45-year-old resident of Lower Prince’s Quarter to a suspended prison sentence of three months, on two years’ probation, with 150 hours of community service and Parole Board supervision, for domestic violence.

The Judge found it legally and convincingly proven that Chevin Ellianus Flanders had mistreated his partner in life during at least nine incidents between September 2015 and April 2018.

The defendant confessed to these crimes, but tried to convince the Court of the fact that he has bettered his life. With his partner present in the courtroom, he informed the Judge that they are still in a relationship even though they are currently not living together.
“I tried to change her, which caused problems. Now there is more acceptance of who she is,” the first offender told the Judge.

According to the Prosecutor, the fights usually concerned “trivial” things. “Where this is coming from? When I was young I got hit when I did something wrong. I am not used to anything else,” the defendant said in response.

His 35-year-old partner was heard as a witness. She confirmed that their relationship had improved and that there had been no more incidents of domestic violence. She said she was willing to engage in relationship therapy.

“A man should not hit his wife no matter what the circumstances,” the Prosecutor said in formulating his demand. “Domestic violence hurts twice as much because it is done by someone you trust,” he added

The Judge found the Prosecutor’s demand “well-balanced” and sentenced the defendant accordingly, and recommended community service with the elderly.

Source: The Daily Herald