Man shot in brawl at Carnival Village

PHILIPSBURG–A shooting took place in Carnival Village close to 8:30pm on Sunday. While thousands flocked to their preferred booths, a man was shot in the leg by an unknown group of youngsters.

Details are still sketchy and detectives are reviewing surveillance video. The Daily Herald understands that the victim had an argument with a group of youngsters, became physical and started a brawl in the Village. Shots were fired by one of the persons in the group before police could respond to the incident.page3b288
According to police spokesman Chief Inspector Ricardo Henson on Monday, “During the confrontation the victim was shot in one of his legs. After the victim was shot, the suspects all fled the scene. The police officers that were on duty in the village ran to the scene to investigate what had happened. The victim, who was bleeding from a wound, was treated by paramedics and transported to St. Maarten Medical Center for further treatment.”
The area was closed off and Village-goers were asked to clear the area. The reason the fight broke out is still unclear to police, as there are many rumours circulating regarding the cause. Detectives interviewed witnesses that same night and the Forensic Department was on the scene collecting evidence.
Henson said, “There were many persons, including many children, that were present during this very unfortunate incident. Luckily no other persons were injured during this very irresponsible behaviour of the persons involved in this case. The Police Force is asking anyone who may have information that can shed some light on this case to call 542-2222 ext. 213/ 214.”

Source: Daily Herald
Man shot in brawl at Carnival Village


  1. Are we surprised? Why were the metal detectors and security not searching people on Sunday night, this is the fault of the organizers incharge of Security