Man spent 16 days in prison for late fines

PHILIPSBURG–C.A.B. was released from prison on Saturday, April 9, after being detained for several outstanding fines totalling NAf. 3,100 guilders for offences such as driving a car without a driver’s licence.
Because he did not pay the fines, the Prosecutor’s Office decided to have him incarcerated. Each day C.A.B. remained in prison, NAf. 50 was deducted from his outstanding amount. After 16 days in prison, a relative paid the remaining NAf. 2,300 of the fine and C.A.B. was released on Saturday.
After being released, C.A.B. indicated that he would be seeking to get his driver’s licence.
The Prosecutor’s Office has made the collection of fines one of its priorities and persons with outstanding fines risk being sent to jail. The St. Maarten Police Force has been actively checking for outstanding fines during traffic controls.

Source: The Daily Herald Man spent 16 days in prison for late fines