Man stabbed during attempted robbery

PHILIPSBURG–The Special Robbery Unit is pursuing an attempted robbery case which resulted in a man being stabbed in the leg by a suspect on Cannegieter Street at approximately 6:00pm Sunday.

According to the victim, he was supposed to meet a friend at Jump Up Casino, but due to the limited parking in the area, he decided to park on Cannegieter Street. While sitting in his car on Cannegieter Street, he was approached by an unknown man who held a knife to his throat and demanded the keys to his car.

The victim tried to defend himself against this attack and in that process he was stabbed twice in the upper leg. The victim escaped from his attacker by running from the scene. The suspect did not succeed in taking the car.

The victim was later met by police who took him to St. Maarten Medical Center for treatment.

Source: The Daily Herald