Man wanted for ill-treatment of Venezuelans is arrested | THE DAILY HERALD


 PHILIPSBURG–A man R.N.G.S. was arrested in the vicinity of the Philipsburg Courthouse around 2:00pm Thursday. The Daily Herald understands he is suspected of ill-treating three Venezuelan men in St. Peters on Sunday, July 7.

  A group of men stabbed a Venezuelan man living in St. Peters in the back on that morning. The day before, the man who was stabbed on Sunday morning had been robbed by a group of men. The victim, along with others, then went to look for these men and a fight ensued causing the man to get stabbed. The group of Venezuelans rushed their friend to the Emergency Room where he was assisted by doctors.

  The Prosecutor’s Office issued an arrest warrant for S., who is suspected to have been involved in the July 7 incident.

  After his arrest, he was taken to the Philipsburg police station and handed over to the Detective Department. He was questioned and later incarcerated pending further investigation.

  Reports were reaching this newspaper in July suggesting that targeted violent attacks against Venezuelan nationals living in the St. Peters district were occurring frequently. The reports indicated that a group of men living in the district had noticed that the Venezuelans did odd work around the neighbourhood. The Venezuelan workers were said to be often harassed and robbed at gunpoint, not just on the road but also at their homes.

  A bar in St. Peters which was frequented by Venezuelans was robbed twice in the three weeks prior to July 7. In June, a group of men robbed a home on Soursop Road, held the Venezuelans living at the home at gunpoint, took their valuables and fled the scene on foot.

Source: The Daily Herald