Manhunt continues for armed escapee

CAY HILL–Shots were fired between a prisoner and two House of Detention guards in Cay Hill close to 3:00pm Monday. The man managed to escape from custody after a visit to orthopaedic surgeon Dr. Paul de Windt’s clinic.

The escapee is Kathron “Cuchi” Fortune, serving a 21-year sentence for the fatal shooting of Ervin Margarita (23) on Rice Hill in Oyster Pond on May 11, 2006. Margarita was shot in his head and body.page10a227

According to police, “The prisoner was brought to a doctor’s clinic and managed to escape from guards while waiting to be attended by the doctor. He took off running through Cay Hill. Shots were fired and it is unclear if the suspect got hold of a firearm or not.”

The Daily Herald spoke to several witnesses and they recall seeing the prisoner with a gun and shooting at the guards. Two children came in the line of fire at one point before running out of the way.

One witness who works at a nearby business told this newspaper that the guards had had no regard for their surroundings while shooting at the escapee.

Police consider Fortune armed and very dangerous. He was last seen in the area of Cay Hill dressed in “khaki clothing.”

Detectives conducted several house searches on Monday afternoon and police are looking for relatives of Fortune to establish whether contact was made by the prisoner. According to sources close to the investigation, Fortune’s girlfriend is missing and police are trying to locate her.

page10b227The Prosecutor’s Office and Police Force are requesting that members of the public who may have information regarding the escapee’s whereabouts contact the police immediately via 911, 9300 or the police station 542-2222. They caution not to attempt to apprehend this escapee, as he is armed.

Source: The Daily Herald Manhunt continues for armed escapee