Many attend Tea Party held by Anguilla Cancer Society | THE DAILY HERALD

Some of the attendees at the Cancer Society Tea Party.

ANGUILLA–On Saturday afternoon, June 23, the Anguilla Cancer Society hosted its first-ever formal tea party in honour of Cancer Survivors Month. More than 100 supporters sat at beautifully decorated tables and shared conversation, a variety of teas and a wide assortment of cakes, sandwiches and other delicacies while enjoying the tropical breeze and expansive coastal view from one of the committee members’ homes.

Society president Jennifer Gumbs said Anguilla’s Cancer Society had begun in 2011 and had been going strong ever since. Monies raised through donations, dinners and now the tea party are used in a variety of areas to assist with both cancer prevention and treatment. Focusing on the population segment that has no or minimal health insurance, the society pays for free mammogram and prostate screening. It also assists persons in need who have to travel abroad for treatment, helping with the cost of both travel and treatment.

Gumbs emphasised the importance of the public taking advantage of the free cancer screening offered and paid for by the society. She stressed that all men ages 40 and over should screen for prostate cancer annually, which consists of a simple PSA blood test coupled with a digital rectal exam.

Source: The Daily Herald