March held to open Statia Health Study

Bethel Methodist Boys Brigade drum band led the march for the opening of the Health Study St. Eustatius.


STATIA–The Health Study Caribbean Netherlands was launch on St. Eustatius this week with a march, led by the Boys Brigade Drum Band, through the streets of Oranjestad and ending at the Seventh Day Adventist Church on Newton’s Pasture.

  The march was concluded in the Church basement with an official ceremony attended by Health Commissioner Charles Woodley among others. Woodley encouraged all residents who have been selected to participate in the study to do so for the betterment of the island. He also called all participants to bring along their children.  The information from the health study will collect information Government needs to plan for health care and prevention. “Everyone knows that prevention is better than care and if they can channel these monies and ideas towards making Statia a healthier place for the next generation,” the Commissioner said.

Source: The Daily Herald