Marie Hamlet facing charges over altercation with Social Services

MARIGOT–The young mother Marie Hamlet who was reported missing with her three-year-old daughter on Friday and subsequently found in hiding on the Dutch side is to appear in the Marigot court this morning charged with violence and refusing to allow Social Services to put her daughter Jovania into a foster home.

Hamlet (28) was arrested by Gendarmes on Saturday afternoon and taken into custody. Vice-Prosecutor Michael Ohayon confirmed to The Daily Herald that he had issued an order on Thursday for the child to be taken from the mother on advice from Social Services that the mother presented a danger to the child.
However, Ohayon told on-line journal Soualiga Post the hand-over of the child to Social Services on Friday had not gone well. “Gendarmes had to intervene,” he said. “As Social Services left with the child the mother followed them in her car. With her car she forced the Social Services car to stop and snatched her child out of the car and escaped.”
The Gendarmerie issued the missing persons notice later that afternoon. Soualiga Post reported, according to the preliminary elements of the investigation, that Hamlet has “an unstable psychiatric profile and is a drug addict.” She is also the mother of two other young children who live with another family member.
It was understood Jovania is now in the custody of Social Services.

Source: The Daily Herald