Marines take part in exercises on Statia

Dutch Marines with Statia officials. Disaster Coordinator Edris Bennett-Merkman is fifth from right.


ST. EUSTATIUS–Dutch Marines are to take part in exercises on St. Eustatius on Tuesday, November 14, and Wednesday, November 15.

  The new rotation of Marines stationed at St. Maarten will as part of their normal training cycle also visit St. Eustatius to get familiarized with this island.

  During their visit the Marines will support St. Eustatius National Park Stenapa in opening up the trails, and support the St. Eustatius Disaster Committee in clearing out the Emergency Operations Centre.

  Furthermore, HNLMS Pelikaan will place mooring buoys in close cooperation with Stenapa Director Clarisse Bum and Marine Park Manager Jessica Berkel.

Source: The Daily Herald