Marlin calls on Connor to end his scare tactics

PHILIPSBURG–“Scare tactics should not be used in the 21st century,” especially in relation to the still-to-start Pearl of China project, Prime Minister William Marlin said in response to comments about the project by opposition Member of Parliament (MP) Claret Connor.

  Connor, in a press conference on Monday, expressed concerns about the impact the planned convention centre associated with the China-government-based project will have on local businesses. He said that together with fellow United People’s (UP) party MPs a meeting will be called with the relevant ministers to discuss the impact of the project.

  Marlin, speaking in the Council of Ministers Press Briefing on Wednesday said Connor, considering his past role as executive director of St. Maarten Chamber of Commerce and Industry, should focus on “educating your people, informing your people … opening their eyes to the business opportunities coming,” with the Pearl of China project.

 Connor should be “embracing the new opportunities,” he said.

 The Chinese businesses that will make use of the convention centre and connected apartments will come to the country “to showcase” their products to Latin America and the Caribbean “not to sell five cameras on Front Street,” said Marlin.

  “Take a tile manufacture; when they come here it is not to sell tiles to the contractor in St. Maarten. It is to showcase to the entire Latin America,” he said.

Source: The Daily Herald