Marlin formateur of new Govt., final report expected by Oct. 27

HARBOUR VIEW–Incumbent Prime Minister and leader of the National Alliance (NA) William Marlin has been named formateur by Governor Eugene Holiday and tasked with forming a new Government following the September 26 Parliamentary Elections. Marlin is to present his final report on the formation to the Governor by October 27.

According to a statement from the Governor’s Cabinet on Monday, Marlin has been tasked with forming a government that “has the support of a broad majority in Parliament to foster political stability, that consists of ministers who are committed to the promotion of the wellbeing of St. Maarten and who are dedicated to jointly execute a governing accord, to be agreed upon by the coalition partners United People’s Party and the National Alliance.”

The Governor has requested Marlin “to form a new government which is to dedicate itself to realizing sustainable public finances, to further improve the access to and quality of health care, to the improvement of our environment and to securing the safety and security on St. Maarten.”

The Governor further emphasized the importance of the strict observance of the regulatory requirements including the screening criteria, applicable to the appointment for minister candidates.

The Governor had held consultations between September 27 and 30 separately with leaders of the political parties that obtained seats in Parliament following the elections: UP, NA, United St. Maarten Party and Democratic Party, as well as with Vice Chairwoman of the Council of Advice Mavis Brooks-Salmon and Central Voting Bureau Chairman Jason Rogers.

In those consultations the Governor was apprised of the political developments including the declaration of UP and NA to form a governing coalition.

Source: Daily Herald
Marlin formateur of new Govt., final report expected by Oct. 27