Marlin-Romeo wants plans for ventilation of sports facilities

PHILIPSBURG–Independent Member of Parliament (MP) Leona Marlin-Romeo has raised her concerns with Minister of Sports and Health Silveria Jacobs about the plan of approach on ensuring proper ventilation in all sports auditoriums.

Marlin-Romeo’s queries come on the heels of a young basketball player dying on the court last week and the apparent heart attack of another player this week.

The MP questioned in her letter to the Minister whether there will be an awareness campaign to inform athletes and parents about the importance of pre-participation physical examinations. “These exams are essential and must be mandatory for athletes in our schools and those physically participating in team sports,” Marlin-Romeo said.

Whether such an examination is already part of the school/sports policy was also a question posed by the MP. She called for the identifying of athletes who could be at risk for further injury and to ensure they have further medical evaluations before they are allowed to participate in activities.

Parents must also be cognizant and forthcoming about the medical history of their children so that the sports organizations are aware and can act accordingly, the MP said.

“It is imperative for all of us to ensure that preventative measures are in place to avoid any more fatal incidents,” stated Marlin-Romeo.

Source: Daily Herald
Marlin-Romeo wants plans for ventilation of sports facilities