Marlin to submit national decree for his own dismissal to Governor today

POND ISLAND–Prime Minister William Marlin has just announced that he will submit a national decree to Governor Eugene Holiday for his own immediate dismissal. 

  This announcement at a press conference comes after the Kingdom Council of Ministers issued an instruction to the Governor earlier this morning tobring about the immediate resignation of Prime Minister William Marlin. The Kingdom Council of Ministers is not taking it lightly that Marlin has refused to resign after the St. Maarten Parliament adopted two motions of no-confidence, one on November 2 and the next one on November 10, and that he only made his position and that of his entire government, available to the Governor pending elections.

  The decision of the Kingdom Council followed a motion from the St. Maarten Parliament calling for his immediate dismissal. 

  Marlin sees the instruction as another indication there is “a conspiracy to bring down the government [of St. Maarten) … and it goes all the way to the top on The Hague.” 

Source: The Daily Herald