Mass T-shirt competition at Mike van Putten Centre

ST. EUSTATIUS–Many persons turned out to the “Mass T-Shirt” event held Saturday evening at Mike van Putten Youth Center/Lion’s Den. The competition, moderated by Lyrics, was held as a pre-Carnival event to get the public in the mood for the upcoming 2017 Carnival celebrations, which is set to kick off today, Wednesday.

Visitors to the event were able to purchase a T-shirt. Each of the shirts had a number on the inside with prizes awarded.

There were three bands on stage for the competition: Rebels Hi-Definition Band, Turbulanzz band and Jamm Boyz band.

First on stage was Rebels Hi-Definition with lead singer Ortiz “The Man Face” Schmidt, who did a great job belting out song after song. Even though the backup singer was not present, the rest of the band did a great job. Rebels wore a yellow T-shirt and all of their fans wore yellow as well.

Second to take the stage was Turbulanzz. They had their fans showing their colours of orange, as they danced along to the various tunes that were performed with three singers on stage.

Last to come on stage was Jamm Boyzz Band, who were dressed in red, as were their fans who turned out in droves.

The band was interacting with the crowd as lead singer Gerson Herrera and Tardius Fleming kept them on their toes.

The big prize of the raffle, a trip to Anguilla for August Monday by boat or airline, was won by Lakisma Woodley. Other prizes included free tickets for Carnival events.

Source: The Daily Herald