Matser weighs in on Brison appointment

Rolando Brison signing his agreement with Minister Ingrid Arrindell on Friday, August 12.


PHILIPSBURG–The drama surrounding the appointment of Rolando Brison as the first- ever Director of the St. Maarten Tourism Authority (STA) troubles Member of Parliament (MP) Silvio Matser deeply. He explained that although some people had made an issue of his being in the picture with Brison and Minister of Tourism, Economic Affairs, Transport and Telecommunication Ingrid Arrindell, it was just a coincidence.


  Brison was selected as the top candidate by a committee headed by Arrindell. Controversy arose when a letter from businessman Mike Ferrier accused Brison of embezzlement four years ago while employed at local airline company Winair. Documents surfaced with Brison’s signature admitting to mismanagement of monies in his department and promising to pay back the company once he stepped down.

  Matser issued a statement on Tuesday saying that in his capacity of MP on Parliament’s Economic Committee, he had been in the Government Administration Building on a different matter when he was called in to see history in the making. “I even questioned if it was a good idea and everyone was like ‘why not, you are a representative of the people and here we had a young St. Maartener making history.’ So the picture was taken and I was happy they selected him,” said Matser.

  “Now I have to ask, when are we going stop destroying our young people? If the situation was so bad why didn’t they charge him years ago? He told me, ‘But MP, this situation was settled with Winair almost five years ago. But no, it’s an election year and some people want to keep control so here they come bashing and destroying the young man, he said.’

  “The ‘kid’ is in his prime. He has a two-month trial period and we all know he is dynamic and one of the best when it comes to marketing. His report from the selection committee shows him outscoring the other candidates 10 to 1. I will stick with him through thick and thin.

  “I say, let the process and vetting play out and stop destroying the young man, because if we open Pandora’s Box on some individuals, people will be shocked about what is going on.

  “We are supposed to be a forgiving nation. That is our cornerstone. What message are we sending to young adults? To come back home so we can destroy you because some people are desperate to hold on to power? Destroying a bright, young local will not happen, not under Silvio Matser.” 

Source: Daily Herald
Matser weighs in on Brison appointment


  1. Nice try to spinthe story MP Matser. Fact one: an MP has NO BUSINESS being involved in appointing any candidate to any G’ment involved entity. Fact two: if you are setting ANY type of example for the youth: do pay your taxes instead of trying to steal the people’s money for which you got convicted. Fact three: the STA director should have an impeccable track record, not have any type of controversy in his professional life especially not involving money gone missing. There are MANY locals that can do the job and have integrity and have no integrity issues: appoint them!