Media training | THE DAILY HERALD

Rotary Nieuwspoort The Hague after Hurricane Irma held a collection to support the media in St. Maarten.

Where the 9,000 euros was to go had not been entirely clear in the beginning, but last week they organised a Media Masterclass here for persons working in the field. TV host Ellis de Bruin (centre) of Dutch broadcaster MAX gave presenting lessons, NRC Handelsblad journalist Freek Staps (left) indicated how to write better stories and apply these in a broader, commercial context, while sessions on video and editing captivating three-minute news items were provided by Tim van Dijk (right), who has been residing on the island close to two years as cameraman/editor for ANP, RTL Nieuws, NOS and NTR Caribisch Netwerk.

Source: The Daily Herald