Meeting to appoint new Parliament chairperson off

PHILIPSBURG–The newly elected Parliament was scheduled to sit in its first plenary public on Easter Monday, April 2, at 12.30pm in the General Assembly Chamber of Parliament House. However, the session was postponed on Friday until further notice.

The appointment of the new chairperson and vice chairperson of Parliament is the only agenda point for the public meeting.

The meeting will be chaired by outgoing Parliament Chairwoman re-elected Member of Parliament Sarah Wescot-Williams. According to the Constitution, Wescot-Williams, as the chairwoman from the preceding year, chairs the meeting.

Article 57 of the Constitution states that Parliament shall appoint a chairperson and a deputy chairperson from among its members. Until such an appointment has taken place, the chairperson or deputy appointed for the preceding term shall act as the chairperson if that person is a member of the new Parliament (as is the case with Wescot-Williams).

The article further starts in the absence of such a person, the member of the new Parliament that among the MPs having served the longest in Parliament is the oldest member in years, shall act as the president. If there is no such person, the oldest member in years shall serve as the president.

No reason for the sudden postponement was given.

Source: The Daily Herald