Mega D Foundation now Media training institute

ROA Director Elyane Paul, Advisor/Trainer Mimi Zhen and “Mega D” Dion.


ST. EUSTATIUS –Mega D Youth Foundation (MYF) has received official recognition as Media MBO level III training institute on Statia. The Foundation is the first on the island to receive this recognition from ROA Caribbean Netherlands (Research Centre for Education and the Labour Market.) The certification is valid for four years.

  The Foundation representatives are very excited and honoured with the recognition as it will allow for Statia students studying media on Bonaire to return home for their internship.

  The Foundation will work with the MBO School on Bonaire and on other islands as part of its programme.

  The course to be offered by the Foundation – “All-round co-worker in audio visual production” is not offered at Gwendolyn van Putten School.

  ROA Advisor/Trainer Violet Duggins initiated and is conducting the certification training.

Source: The Daily Herald