Mega-yachts to give excess groceries to less fortunate | THE DAILY HERALD

Princess Port de Plaisance Yacht Club and All About a Smile foundation representatives.


COLE BAY–Princess Port de Plaisance Yacht Club, in partnership with All About a Smile foundation, will begin collecting excess foods and groceries from mega-yachts that use the marina as their charter operations base, beginning in mid-February. 

  The marina has placed a large refrigerator and a large freezer on the main dock for boats to conveniently place still fresh, frozen, or any useful excess groceries from a previous charter. A Smile representative will pass by regularly to collect the items to distribute to persons in need.

  Yacht Club General Manager Jesse Peterson said visiting yachts have been giving excess groceries to a variety of recipients, but this is always time-consuming for the crews. Seasonal client Steve Burzon of Swan 411 Albireo asked about interest in organising something like this, said Peterson, “Our answer was a resounding yes.”

  Burzon contacted Travis Philips of Smile to cement the partnership. Smile used donated funds to purchase the needed equipment. Mary-Beth McCormack, another Smile representative, followed through to help kick off the programme. She will coordinate with the marina and volunteers for the pickups, sorting and delivery.

Source: The Daily Herald