Members in the community attempt to steal food boxes during deliveries | THE DAILY HERALD

PHILIPSBURG–Several persons have tried to steal food or attack those delivering food boxes to the vulnerable with the community.

   Prime Minister and Chairperson of the Emergency Operations Center (EOC) Silveria Jacobs has admonished such behaviour.

   In a national address Thursday evening, she expressed her shock in hearing of the current behaviour being displayed by persons within the communities. She reminded all that the food being distributed was purchased by the government of St. Maarten with the intention to provide to those persons currently on the list.

   Jacobs explained that government, through its Emergency Support Function (ESF) seven, is currently busy with the ongoing delivery of food to the vulnerable. “I have been talking about this for the past week and as of Monday (April 6), over 400 persons have received boxes.

   Jacobs expressed her gratitude to the many persons working tirelessly on the front line to carry out this task despite the unfortunate response received within the community.

   “Several persons have registered on the social impact assessment form, those persons will not be receiving in this first go-around, but will be in the next go-around. So please be patient we are going through your forms, accessing those with acute needs and will be dealing with those as soon as possible as well,” she assured the public.

   Pensioners have also been included on this initial list as well as those persons who are being served by soup kitchens, the senior citizen recreational center, foster children and all those who are known to social services and the other community services. “We are compiling the data that has been presented, there are over 4,000 persons who we still would have to serve that have registered and I ask that you be patient,” she added.

   Several persons have personally reached out to the prime minister inquiring about how they can provide help to such persons in need. She advised the best way possible to do so is to fill out the social assessment form on behalf of those persons in need and have the food delivered to their address. She warned to not venture out personally to deliver food to anyone.

   Persons who have recently registered or will be registering in the coming week are fore-warned to not expect delivery the following day after placing their orders.

   According to Jacobs, anyone who applies should are to ensure that they reside at the address used on the form when registering with community services and social services.

Source: The Daily Herald