Men’s Week 2018 to see 17 men honoured | THE DAILY HERALD

Group of honourees for Men’s Week 2018.


ANGUILLA–The Gender Affairs Unit of the Ministry of Social Development has announced the Fifth Men’s Week to be held from June 15 to 23. The theme is “Committed to Change: Men in Enterprising Endeavours.” Some 17 men in Anguilla’s community are being honoured for the impactful work they have provided in their chosen areas of endeavour.

During the week Radio Anguilla will feature “Barbershop Chats” with the honourees each day at 10:30am. Keithstone Greaves and Ivor Hodge will host candid discussions focused on men and relationships, gender stereotypes, the generational transfer of “manhood” and music and identity.

Other events for Men’s Week 2018 focus on creating positive change in Anguilla’s community. The “Father Cry” Conference will highlight the significance of men, the influence of fathers and the cry of countless hearts in need of male guidance. Deputy Governor Perin Bradley will host a special Men’s Chat titled “Making a Future for Your Family.” To conclude the week, Senoj Creations’ Collette Jones-Chin will invigorate men with a powerful “Man Cave” drama workshop.

The honourees are Hilroy Alfred – Committed to Fitness and Wellness through Ruff Training Sessions; Terron Azille – Committed to Young Men and Innovation through Primary School Education; Kenn Banks – Committed to Anguilla’s Development in Financing, Sporting and Mentorship; JR Dalion – Committed to Positive Music and Empowerment; Pastor Philip Gumbs – Committed to Strengthening Young Men for Leadership; Neville Hamilton – Committed to Professional Development and Transformation through JNH Professional Training Institute; Kenroy Herbert – Committed to Management and Tourism through Leviticus Lifestyle & Travel; Nat Hodge – Committed to Communication and Print Media through The Anguillian Newspaper; Clemvio Hodge – Committed to Promotion and Social Media through What We Do In Anguilla; John C. Lake – Committed to HIV/AIDS Awareness and Cancer prevention through the Anguilla Community Action Network; Akio Lloyd – Committed to Education, Music and Young Male Development; Elly Mkoba – Committed to Operating Community Spaces through Gadget City and Magic City; O’leary Richardson – Committed to Inspired Art Promotions and Branding through SoCreative Designs; Alexis Ryan – Committed to Artistic Design, Spoken Word and Sports Mentorship; C. Andre Samuel – Committed to Environmental Management and Young Men’s Leadership; Clive Frankie Smith – Committed to Care of the Senior Population and those with Special Needs; and Zuri Wilkes – Committed to Community Unity through Visual Graphics and Photographic Arts.

Source: The Daily Herald