Methodist Agogic Centre celebrates Founder’s Day

PHILIPSBURG–The Methodist Agogic Centre (MAC) marks 41 years on the island today, Friday. The institution will open the day with appreciation services that will be held at all MAC locations.

  The services are being organised by the school’s chaplain, Rev. Hunkins. He has elicited the assistance of lay preachers to ensure that services will commence at the same time at all the locations. 

  In a statement to the media, the organisation stated that MAC has been providing quality education to the community of St. Maarten for 41 years. The main thrust of the Methodist Agogic Centre pedagogic institutions is the teaching of the English language as the medium of instruction, which allowed its students to excel in the language with which they were more comfortable.

  The MAC schools remain committed to developing in the pupils a strong love for learning, a high level of self-esteem, independence and self-discipline.

  Therefore, they developed and implemented a curriculum that was broad, balanced and challenging, so as to give the pupils the opportunities to experience success in learning; to work to standards which challenge their full potential; and to form a base for making informed choices later in their schooling. To provide a theoretical foundation, the thinking of different philosophers was used (eclecticism).

  Under the umbrella of Methodist Agogic Centre are four Early Stimulation Centre classes. Two remain in Philipsburg and two at MAC’s Browlia F. Maillard Campus. MAC has two double elementary schools: the Browlia F. Maillard Campus and the Rev. John A. Gumbs Campus. 

  The MAC Comprehensive Secondary Education (MAC-CSE) was opened in 2013 with two Form I classes. Its third formers made history by being the first on the island to sit and successfully pass the Caribbean Examination Council CXC Certificate of Secondary Level Competence exam (CCSLC).

  The organisation looks forward with great anticipation to its fifth formers who will sit the CXC exams in the school year 2017-2018.

  “The vision of our founders is being realised. We are eternally grateful to our founding fathers for the vision and the hard work in bringing that vision to fruition. We acknowledge all the Chairmen of the School Board, the advisors, the project coordinators, the past principals, past executive directors, past teachers and staff for their hard work and dedication to this institution.

  “As the work continues we are eternally grateful to the present Chair of the School Board Rev. Dr. Meade, the School Chaplain Rev. Hunkins, the present board members, main office, administrative team, school managers and their management teams as well as all staff members, parents and students of this institution called the Methodist Agogic Centre,” stated the press release on Thursday. 

Source: The Daily Herald