Meyers goes after businesses with fines for garbage neglect

PHILIPSBURG–Minister of Public Housing, Spatial Planning, Environment and Infrastructure VROMI Angel Meyers has given a stern warning to any businesses in Philipsburg that do not get rid of their own garbage.

The Minister said on Wednesday that there is a difference between commercial and residential garbage. Residential garbage is collected by contractors employed by Government, but businesses are considered commercial and should dispose of their own garbage or contract a third party to do so.

Meyers said Government had anticipated a transition period of a few days before the new contractors took over. The new contracts for the collection of solid waste began on April 1. Unfortunately, the collectors have experienced some hiccups during the transition period that caused a delay in the collection of garbage in various areas.

Businesses will be fined if they do not clean up their own garbage. Meyers said businesses that did not comply could receive a fine up to NAf. 5,000. Inspectors will be sent to inspect the businesses starting today. Meyers said: “We consider Philipsburg the commercial centre of the island and it should be clean at all times. The businesses are responsible for their own garbage. Clean it up.”

He said the service provider that had been awarded the contract for Philipsburg was doing its job and Government did not have a problem with the collection of household garbage.

He also spoke about Cay Hill and the Saunders/St. Peters area. The ministry has serious concerns with the collection of household garbage in those two areas. If the contractor does not get the collection of garbage under control, Government will contract third party servicers at the expense of the current contractor. “If any contractor doesn’t keep up with their obligations to the country, they will be paying for their lack of resources,” said Meyers.

Garbage collectors for the various districts are: All Waste in Place NV, tel. 520-5526, Simpson Bay, Beacon Hill and Cupecoy; Robelto and Sons, tel. 556-3682, Fort Willem, Bush Road, Zagersgut, Coralita Road, Mary’s Fancy, junction L.B. Scott Road/Gladiola Road toward Cay Hill and A.J.C. Brouwer Road towards Cole Bay; S.M. Green Diamond, tel. 520-8491, Pointe Blanche, Sucker Garden, Pond Island and Madame Estate; Leonard Enterprises, tel. 520-4226, Cole Bay Hill, Indigo Bay, Cole Bay, Cay Bay, Pelican and areas towards the Simpson Bay bridge; Garden Boyz NV, tel. 553-7823, Mount William, Middle Region, Defiance, Oyster Pond and Dawn Beach.

Source: The Daily Herald Meyers goes after businesses with fines for garbage neglect