Meyers questions removal of Brown

PHILIPSBURG–An explanation is needed from Minister of Public Housing, Spatial Planning, Environment and Infrastructure VROMI Christophe Emmanuel about his decision to remove VROMI Secretary-General Louis Brown from overseeing all but two departments of the Ministry as of today, Monday, says Member of Parliament Franklin Meyers.

Brown’s removal was made public last week after The Daily Herald obtained a copy of a memo signed by Emmanuel about the drastic change within the Ministry, which is pegged to his taking up a more direct and hands-on approach to VROMI matters.
Meyers of opposition United People’s (UP) party said Brown’s demotion is a serious matter and warrants an urgent explanation from the Minister.

“There is a structure in Government; one that is regulated by law. Therefore, this move is troubling to say the least. ‘What happens now?’ is my question. Does the Minister now micromanage the departments? Does political preference take the place of a civil servant’s informed advice?” Meyers asked.

He intends to fire off a letter to Emmanuel today demanding answers via parliamentary channels and queried whether Brown’s de facto removal is a political manoeuvre to push the departments to do as the Minister wants with impunity.

“This is a very troubling situation and even more so because of the lack of any strong explanation. If there are structural problems within the Ministry or the departments it is for the Minister to manage these and find solutions. It is not for a Minister, who is essentially a supervisor, to micromanage the departments,” Meyers said on Sunday.

Source: The Daily Herald