Meyers to pursue parking garage on Kim Sha Beach in spite of lien

SIMPSON BAY–Infrastructure Minister Angel Meyers said Wednesday he intends to proceed with the development of a parking garage on the former Kim Sha property on Simpson Bay Beach in spite of the existing lien levied by Tesi N.V., a part of the Port de Plaisance Group.

 Meyers said in the Council of Ministers Press Briefing that he will also look into holding former Infrastructure Minister Claret Connor “liable” for “any obstruction” to the parking garage project and for “reckless conduct” for signing an agreement with Tesi N.V. without taking into consideration that the land is “zoned” for public parking.
Meyers will “look at all avenues where the previous minister can be held held liable” for his actions related to the land transfer.
 Connor issued the land to Tesi N.V. in a swap for a piece from the company close to Simpson Bay Lagoon Causeway for the construction of a sewage plant. When Meyers took office late last year, he reversed the decision saying it was the decision was incorrect, because the land was already zoned for public parking.
 Connor’s approach with the land transfer prior to any change to the zoning via Parliament was “risky,” said Meyers. He questioned what would have happened if Parliament rejected the proposal for a change in the land zoning after the Company already started construction of a beach front resort. Government, he said, in such a case would be saddled with a law suit.
A terms of reference for the development of the parking garage has already been published in the press.

Source: The Daily Herald Meyers to pursue parking garage on Kim Sha Beach in spite of lien