MHF clients sharing the love on Valentine’s Day | THE DAILY HERALD

MHF clients busy making candles.

 CAY HILL–Mental Health Foundation (MHF) is celebrating Valentine’s Day in a very special way this year. MHF clients have been busying making candles and gift baskets that they will be selling on Friday.

  MHF told The Daily Herald the initiative had started serval years ago. The foundation has a candle-making room within its facility and saw the day of love as a great opportunity to make use of it. “For clients, it’s a great occasion to be involved with this special day, and provide something for others. They love the idea that they’re making something that is spreading love in the community,” said MHF.

  Candle-making is an activity open to all clients who show an interest. It provides them with opportunities to learn a skill and create a product that can be sold, thereby earning an income. The process is a team effort in which some clients may focus on decorating, while others hold the responsibility of handling the hot wax.

  “It shows the clients’ ability to follow instructions and their creativity. The end result would show if something went wrong; therefore, critical thinking is needed. This is seen, for example, [in the case where – Ed.] if a candle got a scratch the client could decorate the area with something that blends,” said MHF.

  MHF representatives and clients will be present at Kooyman Megastore on Friday from 10:00am to 2:00pm. Candles will be on sale starting at US $2 and gift baskets will be on sale starting at $15. All proceedings from sales will go directly to clients of the foundation.

  MHF clients said, “Valentine’s Day is a special time which you can share with loved ones. For us it’s great to help with that.”

  Orders can be placed via WhatsApp at (721)520-1317.

Source: The Daily Herald