MHF, Safe Haven re-establish MOU | THE DAILY HERALD

From left: MHF social worker Courtney Wilson, MHF Interim Director Dr. Kitty Pelswijk, Safe Haven Executive Director Vanessa Fraser and Safe Haven Coordinator Shelly Gordon.


CAY HILL–Mental Health Foundation (MHF) Interim Director Dr. Kitty Pelswijk and Safe Haven Executive Director Vanessa Fraser recently renewed a memorandum of understanding (MOU).

  MHF made the announcement in a press release on Wednesday. According to the release, the MOU will be focused on providing psychiatric care services to women and their minor-age children who are the victims of domestic violence.

  “The current pandemic has shown the importance of working hand-in-hand while building a robust collaboration between NGOs [non-governmental organisations – Ed.]  to promote social well-being in St. Maarten,” said Dr. Pelswijk. “Agreements like this pave the way for the sharing of vital knowledge and expertise between MHF and Safe Haven, strengthening those most vulnerable in our community and ultimately saving lives.”

  Fraser said, “At Safe Haven, we take an extensive approach to aiding women and their minor-age children [who are victims] of domestic abuse, offering a confidential emergency and transitional shelter where victims and their kids can sleep safely while we help them heal on a path towards recovery.”

  She said the restoration of this MOU will provide the immediate attention needed to remedy the emotional scars of domestic violence through mentorship, counselling, medical, psychological and psychiatric care.

  For more information on MHF contact tel. (721)542-1677. Safe Haven can be reached at tel. (721)523-6400.

Source: The Daily Herald