Michelline Hunte crowed 2017 Miss Mature Queen

PHILIPSBURG–Four strong ladies went head-to-head in the annual Miss Mature Carnival Queen pageant at Carnival Village on Wednesday evening, organised by Posh Productions. Michelline Hunte captured the Mature crown close to 1:00am.

Contestant number two, Myris Hall-York, dropped out of the competition at the last minute, but that did not stop the ladies from giving it their all.

Hunte captured most of the sashes for the evening and never stopped smiling while performing.

The Carnival pageant started close to 9:00pm with an African opening dance that featured other contestants Victoire Citadelle, Anna-Lyse Eudovic and Jacqueline Brooks. Third runner-up was awarded to Citadelle, second runner-up to Brooks and first runner-up to Eudovic.

Former Miss Mature Norrisa Anatol decided to go out with a bang and donate five computers to the Hope Estate Senior Citizens Recreational Foundation during her final walk. The Centre was robbed recently by unknown persons who took the computers from the main office. The Foundation representative was asked to come on stage and pick any of the five covered boxes. She was shocked when she saw that the boxes were computers for the Foundation.  

Source: The Daily Herald https://www.thedailyherald.sx/islands/65329-michelline-hunte-crowed-2017-miss-mature-queen