Migrants caught with drugs, guns

The drowning victim is carried off.

~ Dead man also found ~

ARUBA–Two undocumented Venezuelan migrants were held in Aruba on Friday with firearms and drugs, while another man was found dead.

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  The Dutch Caribbean Coast received word that Spanish-speaking men had been seen at the coast between Boca Prins and Dos Playa. One was said to be slightly injured and a second lying between the rocks.

  Officers quickly moved in, along with police from the San Nicolas station, ambulance personnel and fire-fighters. They soon found the duo and managed to rescue the badly hurt man stuck under a cliff.

Firearms and cocaine were also found.

  It was obvious this regarded migrants from the troubled neighbouring South American country trying to enter the island illegally at the rough northern shore. Both were flown to the airport by helicopter, where they were placed in an ambulance and rushed to the hospital.

  While searching the area authorities discovered a buoy, bags with drugs and three firearms that were all confiscated. Later they also found a dead male body, but it wasn’t immediately clear if one case is related to the other.

This man had to be rescued from under rocks.

Source: The Daily Herald https://www.thedailyherald.sx/islands/68291-migrants-caught-with-drugs-guns