Miklos: Lifespan of most roads expired

POND ISLAND–The lifespan of most of the country’s roads “has expired,” said Infrastructure Minister Miklos Giterson this week.

Most roads must be completely reconstructed, as the sublayers are exposed to the elements, he explained. The exposure is one of the reasons “potholes are surfacing” all over the country.

“It is our intention to assess the entire road network and calculate the complete cost to reconstruct. We will focus more on long-term solutions such as looking into establishing the Road Fund, of which the legal basis is already present,” Giterson said.

In the meantime, repair to potholes started February 2 and road crews are “making good progress.” Work will continue on the Maho roundabout, Nazareth, Dutch Quarter, Cannegieter Street and in other areas in the coming weeks.

Source: The Daily Herald https://www.thedailyherald.sx/islands/73755-miklos-lifespan-of-most-roads-expired