Minister de Weever monitoring InselAir and PAWA challenges

PHILIPSBURG–The challenges being faced by InselAir airline from Curaçao and PAWA Dominicana airline in the Dominican Republic have the full attention of acting Minister of Tourism, Economic Affairs, Transportation and Telecommunications (TEATT) Cornelius de Weever.

  The Minister said on Sunday that he had received reports about the grounding of aircraft by civil aviation authorities in those two countries and has been monitoring the situation very closely.

  De Weever has discussed the current issue with the local Department of Civil Aviation and Shipping/Maritime Affairs to look into the matter and give advice on possible solutions.

  “The Council of Ministers (COM) are aware of the challenges being confronted by the two airlines and the social as well as economic implications (airlift) for country St. Maarten. COM is looking into possible immediate solutions especially where it concerns Social Health Insurances (SZV) patients who were sent to either Curaçao or the Dominican Republic for medical care,” he said.

  The Dominican Republic Civil Aviation decided on January 26 to suspend for 90 days PAWA Dominicana’s certificate of economic authorisation. The reason for doing so had to do with a breach of its economic obligations contracted in function of its status as public service provider of international air transport and non-payment of aeronautical and airport fees and services by PAWA.

Source: The Daily Herald