Minister hopes to tackle Fennix claims soon

PHILIPSBURG–Minister of Justice Rafael Boasman said on Wednesday that he has taken note of Fennix Global Technologies’ concerns and hopes to deal with the situation soon.

Fennix provided the Justice Ministry with 25 electronic ankle bracelets purchased in 2015. The company has a three-year agreement with Government, but Government has close to US $200,000 in outstanding fees for maintenance and upgrades.

Speaking during the weekly Council of Ministers press briefing, Boasman said he plans to handle the situation head-on before Fennix decides to take Government to court for the outstanding fees according to the company’s claim. He said the agreement had been signed by his predecessor and thus needed the Ministry’s attention, but he wanted to make it clear that the newspapers do not dictate his agenda.

“I still have to check with the relevant departments and find out what happened. The Ministry is giving it the necessary attention,” he said. The agreement was signed by former Minister of Justice Dennis Richardson, not Edson Kirindongo as reported by The Daily Herald on Tuesday.

Fennix Global Technologies is one of seven companies in the world dedicated to design, develop, manufacture and implement technological solutions for the criminal justice industry. Fennix’s criminal justice division, which operates under the trademark brand monitorINMATES, has current successful projects in Colombia, the Dominican Republic, El Salvador and Puerto Rico with both its Pro-Active Tracking (PAT) and Prisons Electronic Management (PEM) modules.

Fennix Executive Regional Director Chey Rodriquez said on Wednesday in an invited comment that he is willing to come to St. Maarten to meet Boasman to iron out any issues out of court and provide the needed support for the prison.

“We want to create solutions and not problems,” stated Rodriquez. He said he looked forward to hearing from the Ministry, as he had tried contacting them for several months now.

Source: The Daily Herald