Minister loses party’s support

Sisline Girigoria

WILLEMSTAD–“Movementu Progresivo” (MP) leader Marilyn Moses withdrew support for her own interim Minister of Public Health, Environment and Nature Sisline Girigoria in Curaçao. The one-seat party will back a motion of no-confidence against Girigoria in Parliament. They are also considering to expel her from the political organisation altogether.   The move is in response to the appointment that the Minister arranged for herself and her trip to Geneva.

  The latter was heavily criticised by the PAR and MAN fractions in Parliament, because especially considering the Minister’s current caretaker status they feel her work visit has no added value and is just a waste of public funds. In their view Girigoria is to interrupt her European trip and return to the islands immediately.

  The two prospective coalition partners want caretaker interim Prime Minister Gilmar Pisas (MFK) to intervene and dismiss the cabinet member. If he doesn’t do so they will request an emergency meeting and present a motion of no confidence.

  Girigoria has been criticised for her 19-day mission to Geneva, where she is to attend a World Health Organisation (WHO) summit.

Source: The Daily Herald