Minister Plenipotentiary hosts a post-St. Maarten Day event

THE HAGUE–Minister Plenipotentiary Henrietta Doran-York recently held a post-St. Maarten Day event in the St. Maarten House in The Hague for St. Maarteners residing in The Netherlands.

In attendance, among others, were many persons who during their younger years actively contributed to the development of St. Maarten in various capacities and who, while residing in the Netherlands are still active on a voluntary basis, ensuring that the younger generation of St. Maarteners find their way in the Netherlands.

Also participating in the event, were various young professionals and students.

In her address, Doran-York emphasised the need for those in The Netherlands as well as those living on St. Maarten, to continue to work in harmony and togetherness in the benefit of their Country and its people.

She told those present that once again they are experiencing how coming together, even if for a few hours, can allow all present to reminisce and enjoy each other’s company, while being updated on the latest developments back home, and discussing what their contribution can be towards helping to build up their young Country.

“We must also always acknowledge our forefathers, who have paved the way for us, and in whose footsteps we now follow to bring about unity and the changes and stability needed, as we endeavour to develop our beautiful St. Maarten,” Minister Doran-York stated.

She encouraged those present to hold their heritage in high esteem, through their actions within the communities in which they work, study and reside, and by being positive examples to the many persons making the Netherlands their home, and in particular the younger ones.

In referring to the collaboration between the minister and her staff, together with other volunteers to make the evening a resounding success, the Minister said that this was a clear indication of the willingness of our people to come together and unite in an atmosphere of belonging and unity.

“We are a privileged people, and we have so much to be thankful for. Long Live St. Maarten and its people,” Doran-York said.

During the event, patrons were able to network and upon the request of the minister, all visitors left their names and contact information behind in order for them to be contacted again whenever this was necessary.

After the official segment of the event, those visiting were treated to local Island dishes that were personally prepared by the minister, her staff and of volunteers, followed by musical entertainment and dance.

Source: The Daily Herald