Minister recently visits Ruby Labega | THE DAILY HERALD

Minister of Finance Perry Geerlings recently visited Ruby Labega Primary School’s Grade 1 and spoke to Kindergarten boys and girls as part of their series of lessons on the Government of St. Maarten, which includes knowing their Ministers and Members of Parliament.

The first-grade pupils asked many questions, such as what does the Finance Minister do? The youngsters were also curious to learn more about the different leadership roles in government and how someone could become a leader. Geerlings told the children, “Everyone in the community has the opportunity to become leaders. It requires only that you be willing to take charge and work to make the lives of your fellow men better. … A good leader takes care of their people. A good leader is someone who guides and gives without expecting anything in return.” He encouraged the pupils to stay in school and learn, as a good education is a step in the right direction.

Source: The Daily Herald