Minister signs 58 national decrees for Justice staffers

PHILIPSBURG–Justice Minister Edson Kirindongo says he has signed a total of 58 national decrees (in Dutch: landsbesluits) and proposal letters to regulate the status of Justice Ministry staffers since he took office in late January.

He told Members of Parliament (MPs) during a meeting of the Central Committee of Parliament on Tuesday that he was working to ensure that all personnel have their national decrees in place before he leaves office, as this is a priority. Of the 58 national decrees Kirindongo has signed, 27 are for Immigration personnel, 20 for police, four for National Detectives, two for prison staffers and five for Coast Guard personnel.

Of the 550 staffers in the Justice Ministry, a total of 195 (35.5 per cent) persons were still awaiting the finalisation of their legal positions (in Dutch: rechtspositie), when Kirindongo entered office. With 58 already finalised, 137 (29.7 per cent) are still to be handled. The minister said the ministry was “moving along in the right direction for completing personnel positions.”

He said he hoped to finalise all the landsbesluits and resolve the concerns about positions of the disciplined services before his tenure ends. He said some landsbesluits were awaiting the finalisation of the “function book.”

Source: Daily Herald
Minister signs 58 national decrees for Justice staffers