Minister Wever visits St. Dominic pupils | THE DAILY HERALD

Minister Christopher Wever poses with grade 3 pupils and teachers.


SOUTH REWARD–St. Dominic Primary School grade three class pupils were  

graced with a visit from Minister of Public Housing, Spatial Planning, Environment and Infrastructure VROMI Christopher Wever on February 28 as part of their social studies curriculum on environment and pollution.

  In his address to the pupils age 8-9 years, Wever explained the meaning of VROMI and what his job as minister thereof entails, said the ministry in a press release on Friday.

  He spoke about the different forms of pollution, such as noise pollution, smoke, sewage and others, and the effects these have on the community, the society and beaches, particularly for nesting turtles.

  “The students were able to connect the obtained information to the ‘3 Rs’ motto used to combat pollution, which is ‘Reduce, Re-use, Recycle’,” said the ministry.

  Wever was overwhelmed by questions posed by the pupils during the questions-and-answers period, and was quite satisfied with their genuine concern about pollution and their interest in the environment.

  “By reaching out to our youngsters, we are guaranteed that the work to keep our island clean will continue,” Wever said as he ended his 30-minute session with the pupils.

  Teacher Kimberly Duzong and student teacher Migella Flanders thanked Minister Wever for taking time out of his busy schedule to visit the school and personally speak to the pupils about this vital topic.

  Wever later posed with the pupils and their teachers for a group photo.

Source: The Daily Herald