Minister wishes examinees best

PHILIPSBURG–Education Minister Silveria Jacobs wished secondary school students much success with their upcoming exams. She urged all candidates to focus and put all their effort into working hard, as this is the last stretch towards tertiary education and/or entrance into the work field.

“The process to get to this point took several years, but we all know the last stretch weighs heaviest. So continue to focus, push harder than you ever have, and do not give up. You are almost there. Believe in yourself and trust that your best will see you through. Ensure that you’ve gotten enough rest, have a good breakfast to fuel the brain and drink lots of water,” said Jacobs.

The Foundation-Based Education (FBE) exit exams for elementary schools will take place next week from Tuesday through Friday, May 16-19.

Jacobs asked all parents and teachers to motivate and encourage the students “to finish with a bang. The education of our students should be our first priority. We must ensure that we are providing an environment conducive to maximal success.”

Source: The Daily Herald