Ministerial officials pay working visit to Statia’s Fire Department | THE DAILY HERALD

Statia firefighters carrying out a rope rescue with fire chief Marvin Dollison, BKCN manager Alexander Hendriks and ministerial liaison Saskia Helsdingen observing.

 ST. EUSTATIUS–Two officials of the Ministry of Justice and Security paid a working visit to the Caribbean Netherlands Fire Department BKCN branch in St. Eustatius on Wednesday.

  BKCN manager (“korpsbeheerder”) Alexander Hendriks was accompanied by liaison at the Ministry of Justice and Security Saskia Helsdingen during their visit to Statia.

  He said it is important for them to visit their colleagues in the Fire Department in Statia. They also met with fire chief Marvin Dollison.

  The Ministry of Justice and Security oversees the Fire Departments in Statia, Saba and Bonaire. “Of course, due to the coronavirus pandemic, we were not able to travel to the three islands a lot, but it is important to see our colleagues and see what they are doing.”

  While on the island the two visitors witnessed different training exercises for the firefighters, including a rope rescue.

  “It is important for us to hear the stories from our colleagues and to see what is going well here and what concerns they have, and also to see the beautiful island.

  Hendriks and Helsdingen arrived in Statia on Tuesday evening. Hendriks said they received a “warm and professional” welcome. “We are very glad to be on the island,” he said.

Source: The Daily Herald


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