Ministry issues emergency interim solution for Leonald Conner School

~ School to remain closed ~

PHILIPSBURG–In view of the urgency for the Ministry of Education, Culture, Youth and Sports and all other stakeholders to provide the staff and pupils with a solution, as well as to inform the parents in a timely fashion via the media, parents and guardians are informed that the decision has been taken to close Leonald Conner School while the necessary repairs take place.

As a result, the children and staff will be dispersed to other locations to prevent any further unnecessary disruption in educating the pupils.

Parents are requested to take note that there will be no classes for pupils of Leonald Conner School on Monday and Tuesday, for the school’s management and staff to make the necessary preparations to execute the move. The goal is to have classes resume at the designated locations on Wednesday.

All are reminded that this is an emergency situation. The Ministry is calling for cooperation from all and will require major adjustments by all concerned. The school’s management and staff will be required to report to school on Monday as usual, where further information will be disseminated and the logistics will be worked out for this interim emergency solution.

An emergency meeting with parents will be held on Monday evening to further explain this temporary solution which will require their cooperation as well in the interest of ensuring their children’s safety and securing the possibility for teaching and learning to take place.

The Ministry of Public Housing, Spatial Planning, Environment and Infrastructure VROMI will commission an independent study to be carried out to ascertain the levels of toxic gases being emitted into the environment by all industries operating in the Cay Bay area, as well as to ascertain what levels are affecting the population, including the staff and pupils at Leonald Conner School who have been experiencing it with alarming frequency.

It became blatantly clear over the past week that an emergency solution is needed to deal with the health challenges being experienced by staff and pupils of the school. Government has started to take several steps to deal with this situation, but, all these steps will require several weeks to come to fruition. The school was thoroughly cleaned and the authorities were convinced that the worst was over, but the smell of gases was once again too much to bear last week Friday.

The Fire Department along with VROMI and Ministry of Public Health, Social Development and Labour VSA

Source: The Daily Herald