Ministry of ECYS to host creative industries forum

PHILIPSBURG–The Ministry of Education, Culture, Youth and Sport (ECYS) will host a Creative Industries Interactive Exchange Forum (CIIEF) on March 21 to encourage and fuel sensitisation to the arts as a valuable contributor to the socio-economic sphere as well as to recognise and stimulate the role of the arts in the healing process of the island, especially amongst young people.

The forum, which will consist of workshops, presentations and a panel discussion, targets key stakeholders in the field to facilitate open communication between Ministries and those directly executing and involved in the creative industries.

During the workshops, stakeholders will be given a platform to share their insights on the creative needs, the formation of an artists’ guild and the establishment of a cultural prize in St. Maarten.

The input and findings of the creative community will be presented to a representative of the Ministry as a proposed channel in achieving the goals of the Ministry Resiliency Plan: to support artists as entrepreneurs, to develop the creative industries as a successful economic sector, and to recharge life-long contribution to the arts, it was stated in a press release on Thursday.

The CIIEF is the first project designed by the Intern Desk of the ministry, which began as a practical concept of the Cabinet in January. Interns Iris Hakkens and Dwayne Griffith were selected, with an assignment of producing a proposal for and the planning and execution of an Entrepreneurial Creative Industries conference and panel discussion. The two students devoted 10 hours weekly to the project.

Griffith, a local student currently studying Entrepreneurship at Watson University in Colorado, USA, works remotely, while Hakkens, who is pursuing a propaedeutic degree in International Public Management at The Hague University of Applied Sciences is currently in the country and works out of the Cabinet office.

The project-/assignment-based internship provides students pursuing tertiary education in areas of public administration and/or management or political studies an opportunity to acquire work experience and gain insight into the workings of the government organisation.

The Intern Desk is a complement to the Business Outreach and Placement Programme (BOPP), of the Department of Youth with a specific focus on the functions of the cabinet.

“I believe in horizontal and vertical mobility within government organisation, providing the space for young professionals and the opportunity for their professional growth; in other words, facilitating ministerial brain gain. I champion the enablement of young people entering the work force through the provision of a training venue,” ECYS Minister Jorien Wuite said while commenting on the Intern Desk.

She thanked the interns for their commitment and the hard work they have displayed. “With their success I look forward to further facilitating the Intern Desk concept,” she said.

Source: The Daily Herald