Ministry VSA to move into new Govt. Building

POND ISLAND–The various departments of the Ministry of Health, Labour and Social Affairs VSA are currently in the process of relocating into the new Government Administration Building on Pond Island.  

  Health Minister Emil Lee told reporters at the Council of Ministers’ press briefing on Wednesday that the Departments of Public Health, Community Development, Social Development and Labour Department were, on Wednesday, in the process of packing the items from their current offices into boxes to relocate to the new building.

  Lee said this process is a good one, as it shows that the ministry is being financially responsible since vacating the premises that the departments currently occupy will free up funds used to pay rent for those locations to be allocated for the payment of the new Government Administration Building.  He said also that having all the departments for the ministry under one roof will also foster greater efficiency, and can lead to greater productivity of the ministry.

Source: The Daily Herald