Miss St. Martin/Miss St. Barths election moved to Wednesday | THE DAILY HERALD

Contestant number one Naïma Dessout. (Souleyman Photo)

MARIGOT–The Miss St. Martin/St. Barthélemy election for Miss France was postponed from Saturday due to the weather forecast, and will now be held tonight, Wednesday, August 19, at the same location 978 Sanctorum in Rambaud, from 7:00pm to midnight.

“As Sanctorum is an open venue, we prefer to take all the necessary precautions in the interest and safety of all to guarantee you a pleasant evening,” the organising committee said on its Facebook page. “Reservations made already are maintained unless you want to change. For any questions about bookings, contact the info line at (0690)82.80.00. We hope you understand and count on your presence on Wednesday.”

The winner who succeeds 2019 winner Layla Berry will go on to represent St. Martin and St. Barths in the Miss France pageant on December 12, which is celebrating 100 years in existence. The show will be broadcast live on TF1.

The four contestants are number one Naïma Dessout, number two Loula Nemegyei, number three Taïcha Laurore, and number four Carla Deidda.

The evening will be presented by emcees Sarolia Ada and Donovan Soudiagom while entertainment will be provided by singer Kenyo Baly and National Institute of Arts (NIA).

The public is invited to vote for their candidate of choice by texting 97000 followed by typing “queen” and the contestant’s number.  Contestant number two Loula Nemegyei. (Souleyman Photo)  Contestant number three Taïcha Laurore.

(Souleyman Photo) Contestant number four Carla Deidda. (Souleyman Photo)

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