Mixed preliminary MPC exam results

Students react to hearing their grades at MPC on Monday.


SOUTH REWARD–Mixed preliminary final exam results were recorded at Milton Peters College (MPC) on Thursday when students in the institution’s four educational streams received their grades.

  While the HAVO/VWO and PKL/PBL results were satisfactory, the preliminary results in the TKL stream were low with a 37 per cent preliminary pass rate and with 32 per cent of the 89 students who sat the exam failing.

  MPC General Director Wim de Visser said the preliminary results show that of the 15 students who sat exams in the VWO stream 60 per cent passed outright, 13 per cent failed and 27 per cent will have to do re-sit exams, which will be held next week. In 2016, 66 per cent of the VWO students succeeded at their final exams and graduated.

A scene at MPC on Monday when results were being called.

  Of the 44 HAVO students who sat final exams, 59 per cent passed outright; nine per cent failed and 32 per cent will have to do a re-sit exam. Of the 32 per cent who have to do re-sit exams, 5 per cent is due to illness. Last year a total of 57 per cent of HAVO students passed their exams and graduated.

  De Visser said the HAVO and VWO streams are already doing better than last year with their preliminary results and he expects the results to go up to 75 to 80 per cent after the re-sits.

  In the PKL/PBL Department, 52 per cent of the 77 students who sat the exams passed, 10 per cent failed and 37 per cent have to do a re-sit exam due to illness, amongst other things. De Visser said once the re-sits are done the preliminary results will improve. He said he is satisfied with the results thus far. Last year 57 per cent of the PKL/PBL students passed their exams and graduated.

  Of the 89 students in the TKL Department who sat the final exams, 36 per cent passed outright; 32 per cent failed and 32 per cent have to do a re-sit exam due to illness or not obtaining the correct results.

  The TLK Department recorded a final result of 59 per cent last year. De Visser said the school expects similar results this year following the re-exam.

  “I expect the results coming to the same level as last year, because some students were ill and had a good chance of graduating. And, during a re-exam the students can concentrate on one subject instead of all subjects within two weeks,” he said. “In addition, the subject teachers will intensively prepare the students for the re-exam.

  “The reason for the TKL results [being low – Ed.] is mainly because it is the most challenging educational department, preparing students for an academic sector within four years. HAVO students have five years and VWO students six years. I am convinced that our students would do great if they had one additional year – especially for mastering the Dutch language to the level that is needed for the exams.”

  De Visser said also that there had been many challenges this year due to the additional requirement of students not being allowed to have more than one insufficient grade. Also, students needed to have a 5.5 average out of 10 for Central Exams. These requirements were not in place in previous years. “That makes it satisfactory,” he said.

  Sundial School’s graduation is scheduled for Monday, July 3, and MPC’s is set for Tuesday, July 4. “Overall they (students) did well. We can always do better and Sundial is the best performing school in relation to the exam results, and I think this is a consequence of the education changes being made,” De Visser said.

Source: The Daily Herald https://www.thedailyherald.sx/islands/66914-mixed-preliminary-mpc-exam-results